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The Coin Flip

Rafael and his friend German worked together at the Sheraton Hotel in Pasadena, California for several years before moving to Boston in search of new jobs. In 1967, Leo Romero, current owner of Casa Romero on Gloucester Street, was opening a restaurant in Harvard Square called Casa Mexico.

There were two positions available; one as a waiter and one as a cook. Rafael and German both wanted the waiter position so they flipped a coin and Rafael lost. He reluctantly walked into the kitchen where he learned how to cook and before long he was preparing savory meals all on his own. After a couple of years he was promoted to the position of chef.

Rafael returned to California and then Mexico for a number of years. The skills he gathered in his travels and from his cooking experience transpires into his love for food. After staying in Mexico for two years, Rafael was then offered an opportunity to return to Boston as an Executive Chef. Having accepted the offer, Rafael returned to Boston and started a family. It was his return to Boston that brought upon the creation and successful running of Sol Azteca, a family owned business that showcases the true meaning of Mexican cuisine.


“Great food, always consistent, the cilantro shrimp is famous!” David R.

“Best Mexican Restaurant in Boston...” Milky M.

“If you're feeling for some authentic Mexican food and you need a place to go, this place will definitely hit the spot for you. The restaurant's atmosphere was great-- the decor was on point. The food was amazing, and we had such a friendly waiter.” Sara W.

“Amazing. Words can't describe how great everything is here.” Jessica P.

“Entrees were 5 star worthy. Highlights were the Mole sauce (over Enchiladas). The mole sauce was heavenly.” Stephen H.